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2007 Summer Contest Winner by Tirafan 2007 Summer Contest Winner :icontirafan:Tirafan 9 1 Tira by LionReine by Tirafan Tira by LionReine :icontirafan:Tirafan 0 0 SCIII Tira, Tira, Tira by Tirafan SCIII Tira, Tira, Tira :icontirafan:Tirafan 2 1 Summer Contest Entry 2 by Tirafan Summer Contest Entry 2 :icontirafan:Tirafan 0 1 Tira Wallpaper by Tirafan Tira Wallpaper :icontirafan:Tirafan 2 0 SCIII -  Tira by Tirafan SCIII - Tira :icontirafan:Tirafan 4 1 Tira--Modern Costume by Tirafan Tira--Modern Costume :icontirafan:Tirafan 0 1
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D and T's Funniest Moments :icontirafan:Tirafan 0 1
Summer Contest Entry 1 by Tirafan Summer Contest Entry 1 :icontirafan:Tirafan 0 0 35000 Kiriban by Tirafan 35000 Kiriban :icontirafan:Tirafan 0 2 Tira is a Superstar by Tirafan Tira is a Superstar :icontirafan:Tirafan 1 1 YS Tira Sprites by Tirafan YS Tira Sprites :icontirafan:Tirafan 0 1 Tira Plot Print Design by Tirafan Tira Plot Print Design :icontirafan:Tirafan 0 1
Cursed Blood
I could be cold
I could be ruthless
You know I could be just like you
I could be weak
I could be senseless
You know I could be just like you
You thought you were standing beside me
You were only in my way
~'Just Like you; Three Days Grace

It was a dark cold night, Tira had just put her infant children down for bed, then she entered her, and Draco’s bedroom. Tira looked around the dark room Draco was already fast asleep, obviously tired from researching Soul Edge in his study all day.
Tira quietly laid down beside him being careful not to wake him up. Tira had a lot on her mind that day, the thought that Draco knew he was destined to die bother her. How could he know this yet carry on so well? For Tira her life didn’t matter, she still saw herself as nothing more than a mere servant, but the thought of Draco dying made her cry, even though she didn’t really know why, after all she saw people die everyday why was Draco any different?
‘I just don’t understa
:icontirafan:Tirafan 0 0
Tears of a Lost Angel
Maybe a kiss before I leave you this way
Your lips are so cold I don't know what else to say
I never wanted it to end this way my love my darling
Believe me when I say to you in love I think I'm falling here
No more tears
~'No More Tears', Ozzy Osbourne

Tira Williams sat atop one of Ostrheinsburg’s many towers as rain fell heavily. She looked up at the sky as the rain fell. The rain made the illusion of tears coming down her face as she grasped the only thing left from her family- that being a pendant she found on Trace’s remains after Draco defeated him. Tira let out a sigh as she thought of what her life might have been like under different circumstances. All her life she had taken the lives of others because that’s what she was taught to do, but now she had accepted that her upbringing was wrong. She had a family now, a husband that loved her and two beautiful children, but even with all of this Tira could not cope with herself; she felt as though her existence
:icontirafan:Tirafan 0 0
Souls and Roses
I know nothing of your kind and I won’t reveal your evil mind.
Is it over yet? I can’t win.
So, sacrifice yourself and let me have what’s left.
I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.
I’m going all the way.
Get away, please.
You take the breath right out of me.
You left a hole where my heart should be.
You got to fight just to make it through,
'cause I will be the death of you.
~'Breath', Breaking Benjamin

Draco Williams strolled down the snow-covered path with Tira not far behind. Draco decided that they were out of enemy reach so he decided to stop to rest. He sat down at the base of a tree, set his zweihander aside and looked at his blood-stained hands.
“Why must so many die? Why can’t there just be peace in this world? Even when peace is trying to be obtained, so many must perish,” said Draco.
“Eh, Draco, why care? All life is expendable; they were meant for us to kill,” cackled Tira.
“You’re wrong, Tira; all life
:icontirafan:Tirafan 0 0

Random Favourites

Misguided couple by Mugen02 Misguided couple :iconmugen02:Mugen02 22 37 tira by wolfiesan tira :iconwolfiesan:wolfiesan 2 0 Tira, Best SCIII Chara EVER by Niza-Niabock Tira, Best SCIII Chara EVER :iconniza-niabock:Niza-Niabock 7 4 Tira schoolgirl by Mirian Tira schoolgirl :iconmirian:Mirian 50 37
Crimson Hearts Ch.3
Chapter 3: Untold Power
The sun beat down on the scorched earth as the afternoon wore on. Across the ground of the forest path, blood gleamed in the sun, telling a tale of a battle. The battle was thought to be finished, but if that tale were told, it would be a lie.
“What? How are you-?” Zeke gasped as his katana was held up by Draco’s hand. The razor edge of Kage Bushin hadn’t even cut into the skin. “Why are you not dead?!” Zeke roared as he put more force down on the sword. Draco’s head jerked to the side and his eyes snapped open, the normally blue eyes burning red. Suddenly a burst of energy exploded from his body, throwing Zeke and his ally off their feet.
Tira sat with her hands over her head to shield herself from the blast. Looking beside her, she saw that Draco was on his feet. Her eyes traveling up his body, she felt herself fall into awe at the site. His wounds were gone, his armor had vanished and was replaced by a red, brown and gold ba
:iconkoarumazaki:KoaruMazaki 5 15
Crimson Hearts Ch.2
Chapter 2: Sorrowful Defeat
The sun beat down on the land as the hours dragged on from morning to early afternoon. In the heat of the day, the only sounds that were heard were those of clashing blades.
Draco watched as the three Zeke clones circled around him, running at top speed, seeming to never tire. “Damn it, where is their weakness?” Draco thought as another clone broke rank and gave him another gash on his armor. “Shit, I knew I should have gotten this stuff repaired before we left the last town.”
“Outta my way!” the girl shouted as she leapt at Tira and  aimed a kick at her head. Tira ducked below the attack and, slamming her ring into the ground, swung through the hole and kicked the girl above her. Pulling the ring out of the ground, Tira swung up above her opponent and threw the ring at her. The girl turned to see the ring just in time. Reaching into the small pouch on her back, she pulled out a long bladed chain. Giving a quick snap w
:iconkoarumazaki:KoaruMazaki 4 3
Free Bird by le-yaoifaness Free Bird :iconle-yaoifaness:le-yaoifaness 3 3
Crimson Hearts Ch.1
Chapter 1: Ambush at Dawn
The sun rose on the small camp early that morning. Draco looked up from his sleep, having kept watch the previous evening. Looking over at the small sleeping wrap he carried, he saw Tira still wrapped up in it, sound asleep. He smiled, watching her slow breathing as she rested. Slowly, he rose to his feet and set about cleaning up the camp site.
He was just burying the camp fire when he heard Tira wake behind him. Turning, he saw her clumsily trying to untangle herself from the wrap, only to make it worse. Smiling, he dropped the last pile of dirt on the fire pit and went over to help her.
“You klutz.” He said, grabbing the side of the wrap and pulling it, causing Tira to tumble out of it. Tira rolled to her feet and glared at Draco, causing the warrior to feel slightly uneasy.
“Did I ask for your help?” Tira asked, her voice low and dangerous, like an angered wolf. Draco raised his hands before him.
“I’m sorry, I thought…you
:iconkoarumazaki:KoaruMazaki 3 1
Crimson Hearts
Crimson Hearts
(a KoaruMazaki creation for Drakhand006’s SC Romance Contest)
The wind blew hard that evening, causing the leaves and dust from the road to swirl and dance in the air around the travelers. The one stood tall and proud, wearing battles scars as a signal to his enemies that he was not one to be underestimated. His armor bore many scars from battle, and his eyes burned with an intense desire to be free. The large sword on his back was stained and dented, bearing the marks of prolonged use with little maintenance. His traveling companion walked a few paces behind, her steps quick and playful, yet seductive and dangerous. Her clothes were well tight fitting, many tears covering the green garment, yet the stitching gave it the appearance that it was supposed to look that way. The large ring that hung across her left shoulder and rested against her right hip gleamed in the setting sun, its razor edge promising death to those who ventured to near it.
From the shado
:iconkoarumazaki:KoaruMazaki 6 19



Tira Fan Club, All Hail Tira!
Current Residence: Ostrheinsburg Castle
Favourite style of art: the Dance of Death
Wallpaper of choice: Anything of Tira!
Favourite cartoon character: Tira
Personal Quote: "People are most beautiful...right before they die!" ~Tira
Commanding a raven army, she travels from shadow to shadow...
Next up we're going to be holding a Halloween Contest through the Month of October. The Clubs been kinda idle for awhile and we need to fix that!

The rules are simple:

1. Entires must be Halloween-themed of course
2. Entries must be of Tira (obviously)
3. Entries must follow the rest of our submission rules:…
4. The deadline is October 31st. Voting will begin on November 1st.

Other than that, you have complete artistic freedom (It can be chibi or anything like that as well).

The Prize: The winner will be our featured deviation until the next big contest rolls around!

Club Rules and Submitting Art:…
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